Horses Inside Out - Pilates for Horses

Producer: Horses Inside Out

This DVD is an extension of the book Pilates and Stretching for Horses – An Exercise Index for Horse Owners. It begins by exploring relevant aspects of the anatomy of the musculo skeletal system and the principles and benefits of ‘’Pilates’ type exercises as applied to the horse. It then demonstrates exactly how, why, when and where to perform the exercises. The DVD is unique in that it shows exercises targeting the equivalent muscle groups for people.

With suggestions for fitting the exercises easily into an existing daily routine and used as part of a structured training programme, this practical, visual guide for horse and rider will help:

  • Improve performance
  • Increase range of movement
  • Improve core stability and balance
  • Improve posture, co-ordination and flexibility
  • Reduce muscular stiffness and tension
  • Reduce risk of soft tissue strain and injury
  • Encourage a soft and supple frame
  • Develop relationship between horse and handler

Medium: DVD-ROM

Date Released: 12th July 2012 

Running Time: 73 mins.

Price: £21.09 (incl. postage to UK), £21.59 (incl. postage to Europe), £22.29 (incl. postage Worldwide)


Horses Inside Out - Pilates for Horses