Rat Dissection/Anatomy Resource Digital Video

Producer: Quentin-Baxter, Dr. Megan

This 318 MB digital video (MPEG format) contains over 2,000 still, high quality video frames and over 500 dissection sequences. The rat (either male or female) can be viewed from two angles (above and side) and a full dissection is illustrated, including: examination of the external features; dissection and study of the abdominal structures (gastrointestinal, urinary and reproductive systems) and structures in the thoracic cavity and neck region; and exposure, removal and examination of the brain. 300 (unlabelled) histology images showing up to 4x magnification of cellular detail are included along with some diagrams.


Medium: Downloadable from website
System requirements: MPEG player
Note: 1. The original video was developed to be used with the interactive software The Rat Stack (see separate entry), using high quality laser videodisc technology which is now almost completely out of date. However, the digital version of the original video, which is up to date but provided in a single video stream, is free to download, and the use of excerpts or images is permitted for educational purposes. Users may download and make use of images or video sequences providing it does not infringe the moral copyright, as per UK law, of the authors as credited on the front of the video. The digital video is not as high quality as the original laser disc video, which was part of the now unavailable multimedia program FARID - Functional Anatomy of the Rat (Interactive Dissection). Anyone wishing to re-code a program of interactive software using this video will almost certainly be given permission, but please contact the author for this permission in writing. The material is offered as it is, and no technical support is provided; 2. The Rat Dissection/Anatomy Resource Digital Video and the original Rat Anatomy Resource Disc are dedicated to Graham Irving
Price: Freeware