PharmaCalc v02

Producer: Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences ETH

This program lets you enter the pharmacokinetic parameters of a drug administered via IV bolus, IV infusion or extravascularly, then it calculates and draws the plasma concentration curve. The basis for the simulation is a one-compartment model with first-order elimination kinetics. It allows repeated and complex dosing schemes: loading and maintenance dose, missing dose, etc. It is possible to draw multiple curves in one graph for comparison, and to differentiate them by colour and line style. A therapeutic range can also be indicated. Drug parameters can be read in from a file, and new parameter sets can be saved into files. This allows to easily create a library of substances for quick reference, besides the program’s own library of over 70 substances with pre-set parameters.


Medium: Downloadable from: requirements: Windows, Macintosh Price: Freeware