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Full video (33min)
56.4Mb (.wmv)

Introduction (2:08min)
23Mb (.mpeg) / 12.4Mb (.rm) / 2.7Mb (.mov)

Nerve Physiology (5:08min)
57.8Mb (.mpeg) / 29.7Mb (.rm) / 6.5Mb (.mov)

Muscle Physiology (3:38min)
41Mb (.mpeg) / 21Mb (.rm) / 4.6Mb (.mov)

Pharmacology (3:40min)
41.4Mb (.mpeg) / 21.2Mb (.rm) / 4.7Mb (.mov)

Surgery (2:07min)
24Mb (.mpeg) / 12Mb (.rm) / 2.7Mb (.mov)

Anatomy (6:24min)
72Mb (.mpeg) / 36.6Mb (.rm) / 8Mb (.mov)

Animal Handling (1:48min)
20.3Mb (.mpeg) / 10Mb (.rm) / 2.3Mb (.mov)

Views on Humane Education (3:42min)
41.6Mb (.mpeg) / 21.1Mb (.rm) / 4.7Mb (.mov)

InterNICHE (4:06min)
46.2Mb (.mpeg) / 23Mb (.rm) / 5.1Mb (.mov)