Internal Mammary Artery

Producer: 3-Dmed

The IMA feels, sutures, and behaves like real live tissue. Realistic and affordable product designed for the acquisition, practice and retention of cardiac surgery skills.


  • High Fidelity.
  • Ready for Use at Home, Lab or Hospital.Re-Usable.
  • Long Shelf Life.
  • No Refrigeration Required.
  • Easy to Dispose.
  • Non-Toxic. Non-Latex. Non-Oily.
  • Packed in Water.


  • Spray tissues with water every 30 minutes during prolonged use.
  • Rinse tissues and securely seal in resealable bag to store for short time periods.
  • Place products in container with water for longer storing periods (>2 weeks).

The Internal Mammary Artery comes with a 6 long IMA, 2.4 mm ID and 3 mm OD.

  • IMA Model
  • ID 2.4 mm
  • OD 3 mm
  • Wall Thickness 0.3 mm
  • Length 6 inches
  • Manufacturer -LifeLike BioTissue, Items0126, 0127, 0128. 


  • For bypass training and suture practice of distal and proximal anastomosis.

Price: $26.00 – $489.00 (sold Individually, 10 Pack, 20 Pack).

Internal Mammary Artery