Ebola Virus 3D Model

Producer: Eisco Labs

First described in 1976, the Ebola virus is one of the deadliest viruses on Earth. Once infected, patients develop severe hemorrhagic fever, which has a 90% mortality rate. There have been several outbreaks in Zaire, Sudan, Congo and Uganda, and also a few cases of fatalities due to laboratory accidents. Ebola is one of the few viruses that needs to be contained in a Level 4 Biohazard facility.

This 3D model represents the virus magnified approximately 100,000 times in its unique shape. The surface of the model shows the viral membrane with Glycoproteins. A cut- away at one end exposes internal structures, major and minor matrix proteins, polymerase protein, and Ebola RNA.

Key card included.

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Ebola Virus 3D Model