MANIKEN® Student 2

Producer: Anatomy in Clay

Durable | Affordable | Versatile

Used in more than 6,000 classrooms nationwide, the MANIKEN® Student 2 is the predominant pedagogic model of the MANIKEN® series. Its durable design is intended for continuous student use, year after year. The ideal model for the budget-minded individual or the budget-limited classroom.

The MANIKEN® Student 2 can be used in two ways:

  1. As a whole, in a single lab station, building on both sides of the human model simultaneously. Or,
  2. Separated into left and right halves, creating two complete lab stations. See Conversion Kit

The MANIKEN® Student 2 is the perfect foundation to study and build (in clay) all systems of the human body: Skeletal, Musculature, Nervous, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Lymphatic and more.


  • MANIKEN® Student 2 Model, 29″ high on a sturdy base
  • Hardware for assembly
  • Basic Tool Set
  • Package of reusable clay 

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MANIKEN® Student 2