Equine Musculature Anatomy Laminated Chart / Poster

Producer: AnatomyStuff

This equine musculature chart illustrates the muscular system of the horse using beautiful colour illustrations. This laminated veterinary chart is medically accurate and highly detailed, which makes it ideal for studies of equine anatomy. This horse muscle poster features lateral, frontal and posterior views of equine musculature, showing superficial and deep muscles including those of the head and neck. In addition, sections illustrate the stay mechanism of the forelimb and the reciprocal system and stifle lock of the hindlimb.

The equine musculature poster is laminated and wipeable marker pens can be used to make notations. Our range of veterinary wall charts make perfect displays for use by professional veterinary practice, students, breeders, and horse owners alike.

Designed and printed in the UK.

**NEW! This chart is now available in a fine art print format in A1 or A2 size, with framing options available, from £17 + VAT.*

Price: £18.00 inc VAT

Equine Musculature Anatomy Laminated Chart / Poster