Equine Laminated Chart Bundle (Set of 10 Posters)

Producer: Lake Forest Anatomicals

A great poster collection for learning equine anatomy, ideal for veterinary students and horse-lovers alike! This ten part poster set includes a range of equine titles from the popular veterinary chart series published by Lake Forest Anatomicals in a money-saving collection.

The large, laminated posters are ideal for display in veterinary clinics, breeders or riding stables, these posters will suit professionals, vet students and keen riders alike. In addition to horse anatomy, the posters cover a range of equine topics including foaling and navicular disease.

The titles of the charts included in this horse poster set are as follows:

  •     Equine Skeletal Anatomy (92535)
  •     Equine Surface Anatomy (2536)
  •     Conformation (2537)
  •     Equine Dental Anatomy (2538)
  •     Equine Digestive System Anatomy (2539)
  •     Equine Foot and Hoof Anatomy (2540)
  •     Equine Forelimb Regional Joint Anatomy (2541)
  •     Equine Hindlimb Regional Joint Anatomy (2542)
  •     Stallion Reproductive System (2550A)
  •     Equine Foaling (2543)

Each horse poster is laminated for easy cleaning and is fitted with metal eyelets to enable easy display.

Price: NOW £227.99 inc VAT (order through AnatomyStuff in the UK)

Equine Laminated Chart Bundle (Set of 10 Posters)