Fish Skeleton - Carp (Cyprinus Carpio)

Producer: 3B Scientific GmbH

This model of a carp fish skeleton or Cyprinus carpio represents the bony structures of the fish for closer examination. This fish skeleton model is supplied with a plastic show case and would be ideal as a teaching tool in a veterinary or biology classroom.

The carp model represents a typical example of the order of cypriniformes. The specimen is particularly suitable for the study of the structure of bony fish. The following typical features of bony fsh are mounted separately:

  • gill with gill arches, flaments and rakers
  • pharyngeal bone with teeth
  • typical cycloid scales of the cypriniformes with growth rings
  • thoracic vertebrae with neural and pleural arches

Our real skeleton range by 3B Scientific is prepared by professional taxidermists in Europe, ensuring the models are mounted to the highest quality.

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Fish Skeleton - Carp (Cyprinus Carpio)