Equine Skeletal Anatomy Chart / Poster - Laminated

Producer: AnatomyStuff

Buy our exclusive equine skeletal anatomy poster, designed to educate and teach the skeletal structure of a horse. Designed by a professional medical illustrator, our horse skeleton chart is 100% anatomically accurate and designed in beautiful colour.

This chart is sufficiently detailed for display in veterinary practices and classrooms for educational study and is a great choice for horse owners and breeders.

Designed in beautiful colour and detail, our equine skeletal chart shows the following:

  • Lateral view of the skeletal structure including the skull, spine, and limbs
  • Lateral view of the skull
  • View of the hind leg
  • Anterior view of the pelvis
  • Dorsal skeleton including the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and caudal vertebrae
  • Surface anatomy of a horse

The equine skeletal chart is 65 x 50 cm, making it sufficiently large for wall displays. Lamination protects the surface of the chart and allows for annotation with a washable marker pen (not supplied), or cleaning with a damp cloth. Designed and printed in the UK.

**NEW! This chart is now available in a fine art print format in A1 or A2 size, with framing options available.*

Price: £18.00 inc VAT £15.00 exc VAT





Equine Skeletal Anatomy Chart / Poster - Laminated