HEMO - Gunshot Wound (HEMO-G)

Producer: TacMed Solutions (previously known as TraumaF/X)

Lower Body Trauma Trainer
The HEMO-G is a ruggedized, tetherless, remote-controlled human patient medical trainer that provides the most authentic simulation of traumatic lower blast injury.

The HEMO-G uses state-of-the-art sensor technology and provides real-time feedback that takes the guesswork out of trauma simulation. HEMO-G features a full left leg with a bleeding wound at the inguinal crease for hemostatic wound training, a gunshot wound to the thigh with arterial bleeding requiring a tourniquet, and traumatic amputation of the right leg requiring a tourniquet.  

Remote Controlled with Real-time Sensor Data
All TacMed Simulation high-fidelity simulators are operated by a long-range RC controller which includes real-time telemetry to monitor medical interventions. Easy to use, menu-driven software takes only minutes to learn and sensor data is immediately displayed on the main control screen for quick reference. The display shows key vitals and provides instructors with instant data on the effectiveness of student interventions such as tourniquet application, wound hemostasis, airway intervention, and more.

TacMed Simulation upper and lower trainers can be combined in any configuration to increase medical training capabilities. 

Price: Contact company for price.

HEMO - Gunshot Wound (HEMO-G)