Hemorrhage Control Trainer Kit

Producer: TacMed Solutions (previously known as TraumaF/X)

The QuikClot® Hemorrhage Control Trainer Kit is an ideal platform for both the instructional and hands-on aspects of hemorrhage control and wound packing training. The HCT Kit is an all-in-one wound packing simulator that comes with a training wound model and 10 Combat Gauze Trainers, allowing trainees the hands-on skill development and required muscle memory needed to quickly and effectively pack a wound.

The HCT Kit includes:

  • 1x QuikClot® Trauma Trainer
  • Also known as a "training leg", featuring an entry/exit bullet wound and a deep laceration
  • 10x Combat Gauze Trainers
  • 5x Combat Gauze LE
  • Additional support information
  • All packed in a sturdy carrying case. 

Price: US$500.00

Hemorrhage Control Trainer Kit