Silicone Leg

Producer: SynDaver™Labs

Our SynDaver Anatomy Leg model includes all of the major skeletal, muscular and cartilaginous structures between the crown of the hemi-pelvis and the toes.

Our silicone anatomy leg is identical in structure to the standard wet-tissue anatomy arm but the model is made from silicone (muscles, nerves and vasculature) and polymer composite (bones). This education-grade model includes bones, fully articulating joints, muscles, tendons, veins, arteries and nerves. Since the model is made from silicone and dry polymers wet storage is not required.

Structural Features: Skeletal, muscular, fascial, and cartilaginous structures of the hemi-pelvis, thigh, lower leg and foot.

Articulating Joints: Hip, knee, ankle and toes of foot.

Construction Materials: Polymer composite bones with integral fascia sheath. Muscular tissues are organosilicate composite.

Age / Sex: Adult female.

Length / Mass: 80cm x 15kg.

Price: Contact company for quote.

Silicone Leg