'Lucky' the Horse Mannekin

Producer: Rescue Critters, LLC


Singular events can happened and catch you unprepared. Without endangering a live horse, trainers can hone their skills, while trainees can safely learn search and rescue techniques

with Lucky the horse mannikin. In terms of size, Lucky is an exact replica of a horse. It weighs 800 pounds and articulates. It has a tail feature that acts as an attachment point, with a height of 15 hands. Ruggedly built, Lucky accepts standard horse harnesses, glides and gears, and it can be used in all weathers and ground conditions.

Lucky is built for organizations such as fire and police departments, SAR groups, military, government agencies, animal control, humane organizations, and vet and equine groups.

Accessories include tools for assembly, carrying bag for all rods, knobs, and washers.


Medium: Mannekin Price: US $14,899.00 (item #750). Please contact the source for postage and handling charges; this item must be sent via freight; price does not include reusable crate used for both postage and storage

Lucky' the Horse Mannekin lucky the horse 'Lucky" the Horse Mannekin (Манекен лошади «Лаки») 'Lucky" the Horse Mannekin (Манекен лошади «Лаки») 'Lucky" the Horse Mannekin (Манекен лошади «Лаки»)