P.O.P. Trainer

Producer: OPTIMIST Handelsges.m.b.H.

The operation simulator with pulsatile organ perfusion (P.O.P. Trainer) simulates the blood supply of organs and organ complexes and was developed for the training of both minimally invasive and conventional surgery. It uses animal organs taken directly from the slaughterhouse during food production. The central artery of these organs/organ complexes is catheterised and connected to the pump of the P.O.P. Trainer, which is electronically controlled and maintains the pressure of the perfusion medium (coloured tap water). Nearly all operations (abdominal, thoracic, urological, vascular, gynaecological) can be carried out under quasi-real conditions. All technologies familiar from clinical work, such as high frequency lasers, ultrasound dissector, aquadissector etc., can be used. With the third generation of P.O.P. Trainer, even complex operations such as colorectal and antireflux procedures can be practised. Furthemore, all types of haemorrhages can be simulated, allowing the trainee to practice the management of bleeding complications. OPTIMIST also offers workshops and leasing arrangements.


Medium: Simulator

Price: €5,900.00 (P.O.P. Trainer, including: 1 neutral-electrode, 5 neopren mats, 1 video operating instruction, 1 power conversion, 1 litre colouring fluid); €570.00 (leasing rate per day excl. insurance and transport); €759.00 (workshop per participant in Austria for two days).

For prices of catheterised, chemically prepared, deep-frozen and vacuum-packed organs please contact source or check website.

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