Producer: Microsurgical Developments

This model has been developed to master skills in microsurgery, and thus to replace live rats, commonly used in the training of microsurgical techniques. Made of soft plastic, it features a number of organs, blood vessels, and ducts from the abdominal and neck regions of the rat. All parts are rendered in exquisite detail, can be used many times, and can be replaced as necessary. The PVC-Rat gives the possibility to practice approximately 25 different microsurgical techniques (anastomoses, cannulations, transplantations of vessels and organs). It comes in a carrying case, together with a video user guide, several spare parts and Remote - a patient monitoring training computer program. Some parts of the model can easily be replaced, however blood vessels and ducts can be used many times. Remote comes on a CD–ROM (for Windows) and can be used in combination with the PVC-Rat. One can train the skills needed for patient monitoring during several (micro-)surgical techniques. During surgery, anaesthesia can be administered, the animal’s temperature and breathing can be observed and controlled. When the exercise is finished, the software generates a full report, showing every event and status. Several cannulation and experimental techniques are explained in great detail in a series of 10 videos which go with the ‘Manual of Microsurgery on the Laboratory Rat’ (Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., Amsterdam).


Medium: Simulator Price: $625.00 (complete set of PVC-Rat in box, User’s Guide on DVD included, Remote software for free); Spare parts MD PVC-Rat: $70.00