Amphioxus Embryonic Stages Model

Producer: Eisco Labs
  • Typical flower model for biological study
  • Hand painted, three dimensional details depict internal structures
  • Numbered with key card for identification of features
  • Mounted on base for display
  • Perfect for any classroom

Featuring ten various models showing the development of amphoxious from initial stage to its complete development. Mounted on base. Numbered with English Key Card.

The base measures 10" wide, 9" long and 1" tall. Each model measures approximately 2" tall.

Stages Identified: 1. Zygote (oosperm), 2. Two cell stage, 3. Four cell stage, 4. Eight cell stage, 5. Sixteen cell stage, 6. blastula, 7. Vertical section blastula, 8. Vertical section castrula, 9. Vertical section gastrula, and 10. Early embryo.

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Amphioxus Embryonic Stages Model Amphioxus Embryonic Stages Model