BioLab: Fly

Producer: Carolina Biological Supply Company

A perfect introduction to Mendelian genetics, BioLab: Fly is a virtual fruit fly genetics lab covering F1, F, and sex-linked crosses. Equipped with Fly Breeder that allows students to analyse 26 different characteristics. Also available as part of the BioLab Virtual Lab Series Package from Carolina Biological Supply.


Medium: CD-ROM

System requirements: Windows 95, Macintosh OS 7.5, or later

Price: Carolina Biological Supply: US$84.95 (single), US$325.00 (lab pack of 5), US$535.00 (lab pack of 10), US$1069.95 (unlimited Site License - LAN only)

BioLab: Fly BioLab: Fly BioLab: Fly BioLab: Fly