BioLab: Frog

Producer: Carolina Biological Supply Company

An engaging, interactive lab which provides vivid coverage of frog external and internal anatomy. Students perform virtual dissections on-screen, guided by a series of questions to ensure their understanding. As the student dissects the frog, the software identifies and explains the function of each internal organ. Includes virtual labs on breathing rate, the alimentary canal, heart rate and muscle contraction. In addition to virtual lab, CD-ROM contains supplemental teaching materials (in Adobe PDF format) such as crossword puzzles, student worksheets, tests, quizzes, and related Carolina Bioreview Sheets. Also available as part of the BioLab Virtual Lab Series Package from Carolina Biological Supply.


Medium: CD-ROM

System requirements: Windows 98, Pentium II, or greater: 64 MB of total RAM, 16-bit color, 8x CD-ROM, Windows-compatible sound card, & Apple QuickTime 7.0 or later (provided on the CD-ROM); Macintosh OS X, 128 MB RAM, 16-bit color, and 8× CD-ROM; Macintosh Classic, 64 MB RAM, 16-bit color, 8x CD-ROM

 Price: US$84.95 (single CD-ROM), US$325.00 (lab pack of 5), US$535.00 (lab pack of 10), US$1,069.95 ((unlimited site license (LAN only))

BioLab: Frog