Biology Simulations

Producer: AVP

This disk contains 4 programs designed to allow pupils to plan investigations, to record, display and interpret data, and to experience practical experimental situations which are otherwise too sensitive or time-consuming to be available in schools. 1. Plant mineral requirements allows the student to supply plants with various combinations of mineral ions, following which various quantitative comparisons can be made to a control plant. 2. Metabolism allows the metabolic rate of four different animals (2 homeotherms and 2 poikilotherms) of chosen mass to be studied over a range of temperatures. It introduces all the experimental details and develops the recording skills associated with respirometry work. 3. Quadrat sampling in ecology illustrates how, by varying the size and number of random quadrats, approximations to the density of organisms in the wild may be achieved, and the distribution pattern of those organisms may be deduced. 4. Population genetics allows the student to discover the changes in gene frequency in a population when factors such as population size, strength of selection, and/or dominance are varied. All the programs make use of full graphic facilities, and have been compiled and tested by experienced teachers. 


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