CeePeR Dog

Producer: Rescue Critters, LLC

CeePeR is Rescue Critters’ introductory mannikin in our range of products, developed especially for introducing basic CPR skills to young pet owners – It has working lungs with CPR capabilities.

Compressions, splinting, and bandaging are the other features that can be performed on the CeePeR. The parts are disposable, while the fur can be completely removed for cleaning. The product comes with a carrying case with kneeling pad and five disposable lungs.


Medium: Mannekin Price: US$329.00 (Item #707) Note: 1. Femoral pulse feature can be added for only an additional $25.00 (Item #708); 2. Additional disposable lungs are available at US$128.00 (packs of 24 - Item #102) or at US$384.00 (packs of 72 - Item #103) (CeePeR Dog uses the same lungs as ’Jerry’)

CeePeR Dog (Собака для СЛР) CeePeR Dog (Собака для СЛР) CeePeR Femoral Pulse Feature