Chick It Out™️ App

Producer: P.E.A.C.E. Humane

The Chick It Out™️ app is an interactive and educational humane alternative to live egg hatching in classrooms and homes, helping students explore the egg development, life stages and anatomy of chickens.


Through the app, students can:

  • watch a mother hen lovingly care for her eggs, keeping them warm and gently turning them in her nest.
  • explore the 21 days of a developing embryo inside an egg, with a chick hatching right in front of their eyes.
  • view the different life stages of a chicken, both female and male, between baby, teenager, and adulthood.
  • learn the different parts of a chicken’s anatomy by exploring the hen anatomy viewer.
  • view an egg develop in “real time” and check in daily to see the next stage of development, or skip ahead!

Price: CA $0.99

Chick It Out™️ App Chick It Out™️ App