Producer: Blue Cross of India

The Compu series is a set of 6 interactive menu-driven programs covering the rat, the frog, the rabbit, the pigeon, the cockroach and the earthworm. Each simulates the process of dissection of the animal concerned but can also be used as a complete teaching aid. They feature experiments, dissection, detailed examination and animated sequences to explain the working of organs. The subject matter is provided in text form with extended visual presentations. The programs simulate the process of dissecting a prepared specimen, including the choice of organ for dissection, location of the dissection point, the act of dissecting the organ, and transfer to the tray for detailed examination/observation of the animated sequence to study the function of the organ.


Language: English; Compurat and Compufrog also available in German and French
Medium: Sent on request via e-mail
System requirements: MS-DOS
Price: Freeware; however, any donation is welcome to help upgrade the programs in the series