CRISis Manikin Range

Producer: Simulaids

A variety of CRISis manikins for training of Advanced Life Support, including: 

Complete Adult CRISis Auscultation Manikin

Manikin has all the same features as the Complete CRiSis Manikin with the addition of auscultation sites with heart and lung sounds.

Price: £6,950.00 + VAT

Complete CRISis Update Package

Now you can convert your current CPARLENE® brand CPR manikin into a state-of-the-art resuscitation manikin.

Price: £3,775.00 + VAT

CRiSis Auscultation – Update Package

Do you already have a CRiSis Manikin? Upgrade with heart and lung sounds now! Provides everything needed to add heart and lung sounds to an existing CRiSis manikin. Includes upper torso, chest skin, remote, and SmartScope.

Price: £3,775.00 + VAT

A variety of CRISis Torso Manikins (and parts and replacements) including:

Deluxe CRiSis Torso Manikin

Lifeform Deluxe CRiSis Torso Manikin features the same quality, durability, and reliability as the Deluxe CRiSis Manikin only in a smaller, easier-to-transport version.

Price: £3,445.00 + VAT







Complete CRISis Auscultation Manikin Complete CRISis Update Package CRISis Ausculation Update Package CRISis Torso Manikin