Dissections CD-ROMs

Producer: CLEARVUE / eav

A series of 6 CD-ROMs exploring the anatomy, the habits and the habitat of 6 animals commonly used for dissection - the frog, the crayfish, the perch, the grasshopper, the starfish, and the earthworm. Full-screen photographs, movies, and sound enable students to view organisms first hand without actually dissecting them. Users will discover how these creatures live in their respective environments and how their bodies help them survive. The programs also show instructionally-sound dissection procedures as they explore each animal’s systems. The External Anatomy module gives details about each creature’s body and appendages. The Internal Anatomy module covers systems such as the digestive, circulatory, nervous, and reproductive, as well as individual organs.


Medium: CD-ROM
System requirements: Windows (all versions); Macintosh OS 7.1 and above, with 5 MB RAM
Price: US$25.00 (each title, single user); US$200.00 (lab pack of 10 copies of an individual title); US$140.00 (complete set of 6 titles); US$1,200.00 (lab pack of 10 complete sets)