DryLab3D Crayfish

Producer: NEOTEK

Eight chapters covering each system and including 68 virtual dissections for a basic but complete coverage of this specimen. Limb regeneration, moulting and the unique mating behaviour of the crayfish are presented in fine detail. The program contains an interactive 2D dissection, a non-interactive 2D dissection video, 3D pictures, and 3D quizzes. The 3D portion can be operated in tutorial mode with narration, or lecture mode with the teacher providing the narrative. Includes Quiz Mode for Lab Practical type exams.



Language: English; translations into Spanish, French and German under production
Medium: CD-ROM. See also DryLabWeb Dissections On-Line under World wide web
System requirements: Windows only; Windows 98/ME/NT/2000; Pentium processor, 16 MB RAM, 1024 x 768 resolution SVGA colour monitor, 24-bit colour, minimum 2 MB of video memory, soundcard, speakers
Note: 1: In order to view the 3D features of this program, the NEOTEK Base System is required. This includes: a video processor (to be placed between the computer and the monitor) and power supply, a pair of liquid crystal glasses, a sampler CD with excerpts from some of the most popular NEOTEK modules, a user manual and installation guide; 2: the original 2D editable version of this program (DryLabPlus Crayfish), for use without the NEOTEK Base System, is produced by Duncan Software and distributed by Tangent Scientific
Price: US$149.00 (CD-ROM); $295.00 (Base System); US$95.00 (extra pair of liquid crystal glasses); US$850.00 (lab pack of 10 extra pairs of liquid crystal glasses); US$395.00 (wireless upgrade kit); US$195.00 (extra pair of wireless glasses); US$1,590.00 (lab pack of 10 extra pairs of wireless glasses)