DryLabPlus Earthworm

Producer: Tangent Scientific Supply, Inc.

Study both the external and internal anatomy of the earthworm from a general ‘overview’ right down to microscopic detail of each system. Watch videos of difficult to see concepts like the movement of the lateral setae, the peristaltic movement of the worm or the surprisingly common invasion of a circulatory or excretory parasite. Participate in an interactive 9 step dissection. Includes over 90 images, slides, diagrams and more than 500 questions. For more general features see DryLabPlus Crayfish.



Medium: CD-ROM. See also DryLabWeb Dissections On-Line under World wide web
System requirements: Windows only (all versions); 486/33 MHz processor or better; 16 MB RAM; sound card 16-bit recommended
Price: US$125.00 (single); US$249.00 (pack of 5); US$449.00 (pack of 10)
Note: A full 3D version of this program (DryLab3D Earthworm) is produced and distributed by NEOTEK