Exploring Cell Processes

Producer: Neo/Sci, Inc.

This laboratory investigation kit allows teachers to conduct several activities designed to compare plant and animal cells, illustrating cell structure and processes to include mitochondria, cell membranes, DNA and RNA identification, osmosis, plasmolysis, and more. Using no actual materials, but just simulations, it helps identifying and comparing organelles in plant and animal cells, relating their structure to their specific function. In the process, the class learns how to make observations and comparisons, analyse data, relate cause and effect, and make inferences. The kit also allows students to construct models of cells to simulate the semipermeable nature of plasma membrane, to predict the effect of exposing model cells to hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic solutions, and to observe the genetic material in a rapidly dividing plant tissue (e.g. root tips).


Medium: Simulator
Price: US$52.95 (class size - 40 students); US$139.95 (Cell Processes Curriculum Pack: Lab Kit plus Cell Processes CD-ROM - see under Software)