Exploring the Heart, the Spine, and the Shoulder

Producer: Denoyer Geppert International

Exploiting vivid 3D imagery to create highly visual guides to the anatomy, pathologies, injuries and disorders of the heart, shoulder and spine, these three programs offer: rotating and stationary computer-generated images; easy-tounderstand text with links to related subjects; mouse-over labeling; interactive quizzing, and a gallery of images to print or use in presentations.

  • Exploring the Heart (catalog number: W CD802), topics covered: Anatomy of the heart • atherosclerosis • blood vessel damage • left ventricular hypertrophy • congestive heart failure • myocardial infarction (heart attack) • cholesterol buildup • hypertension • stroke • angina • mitral valve prolapse. 
  • Exploring the Spine (catalog number: W CD985), topics covered: Anatomy of the spine • degeneration of the vertebrae • herniated disc • kyphosis • osteoporosis • scoliosis • spondylolisthesis • ankylosing spondylitis • disc degeneration • intrapelvic mass • lordosis • pinched sciatic nerve • spinal cord damage • whiplash.
  • Exploring the Shoulder (catalog number: W CD979), topics covered: AC joint hypertrophy and separation • anatomy of the shoulder • bursitis • Hill-Sachs lesion • impingement syndrome • tendinosis (tendonitis) • acromial spurring • Bankart lesion • dislocation • humeral fracture • rotator cuff strains and tears.

Medium: CD-ROM
System requirements:
Windows System requirements: 95/98/ME/2000/XP/NT4.0. Netscape 7.1 and IE6+. Pentium processor, min 32MB RAM, 16-Bit color.
Macintosh System requirements: PowerMac OSX or newer. Min 20MB RAM, 200 MHZ processor or better. Netscape 7.1.
Price: US$41.00