Female Breast with Diseases

Producer: HeineScientific

The breast model from HeineScientific shows the female right breast with the anatomical structures and some frequently occurring diseases.

Anatomical structures on the breast model:

  • Pectoral muscle
  • Ribs
  • Fat tissue
  • Nipple with areola
  • Glandular tissue with lactiferous duct
  • Skin

Diseases shown on the breast model:

  • Different large cysts
  • Breast cancer with:
  • Muscle metastasis
  • Hard fibrous cancerous tumour
  • Benign tumour (fibroadenoma)
  • Anatomical model of a female breast
  • Shows the most common diseases
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 11.5 x 10cm
  • Mounted on a white base

Price: On request, from regional distributors (catalogue ref. H130610).

Female Breast with Diseases Female Breast with Diseases