GASP: A Teaching Exercise on Chemical Control of Ventilation

Producer: Rush Medical College

This is a simulated experiment based on a model of the chemical control of the respiratory system (MacPuf; Dickinson et al). Users are required to make predictions about the effects of each of 11 experiments on 11 parameters before obtaining the actual results. Prediction errors serve as triggers for corrective discussion.


Medium: 3.5" disk
System requirements: MS-DOS
Price: US$375.00; US$450.00 (GASP and CIRCSIM); US$500.00 (GASP, CIRCSIM, Cardiovascular Physiology Parts I & II)
Note: The newest versions of Windows no longer support this DOS product. The authors are in the process of revising some of their programs, as well as developing some new ones. When these are ready, they will be available for free downloading from PERC’s website (