Hollow Organ Surgical Simulator

Producer: Surgical Simulators

A reusable simulator for the practice of hollow organ closure which allows the student freedom to practice surgical skills at home or in class. The simulator is a collapsible, hollow laminated mould of the canine stomach (when viewed through a ventral midline abdominal approach), secured to a stow-away base with rubber feet to prevent slippage. The base and incorporated case are made of high-impact plastic to resist physical and moisture damage to the urethane-polymer mould, and the size of the simulator is approximately that of a 3/4" professional video case, allowing easy storage and transport. ID Label and model-specific instructions are included.


Medium: Simulator Price: US$35.00 Note: A range of accompanying video autotutorials is available from Educational Resources, The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine (http:/www.vet.ohio-state.edu)

Hollow Organ Surgical Simulator Hollow Organ Surgical Simulator