An Introduction to Cells

Producer: Educational Images, Ltd.

A beautifully executed introduction, with difficult concepts slowly added to a framework of simpler ones. The film is perfect for the new biology student, and has 6 parts, each containing an average of 75 frames: 1. Cell growth and development - the cell as the basic building block of life, whose function is defined in the nucleus; 2. Within the nucleus - the nucleus as a library; 3. Regeneration - why some simple organisms can regenerate while others can only reproduce; 4. The genetic code - the books of the nuclear library are the chromosomes, and the chemical coding lies inside the genes; 5. DNA, RNA and proteins - passing on the genetic information, the role of amino acids;

6. Why each of us is different - inheritance, dominant versus recessive genes.


Format: VHS NTSC
Running time: approx. 66 mins.
Price: US$99.95