Producer: Barry, Prof. Peter H.

JPCalc and JPCalcW, the full stand-alone Windows version (reprogrammed for Windows by Axon Instruments and incorporated in some of their recent software packages), are interactive graphical research programs designed to: 1. Show graphically how junction potentials arise in a variety of different patch-clamp configurations and other electrophysiological situations; 2. Enable the ready calculation of junction potential corrections, given the solution data; 3. Show clearly how those junction potential corrections need to be applied to the appropriate physiological measurements. In addition to their direct usefulness in research they are also useful for teaching research students about the importance and role of liquid junction potentials in electrophysiological measurements. A listing of supplied ionic mobilities with full ion names for the program JPCalc/JPCalcW is also available on-line on the world wide web.


Medium: 3.5" disk; CD-ROM System requirements: MS-DOS, Windows 95 and later, Macintosh with a fully compatible Windows/DOS emulation package Price: US$175.00 (JPCalc/JPCalcW software package, User’s Manual and a laboratory licence for one or more computers). A free demo of JPCalc can be downloaded from website