Rufus Bandaging Mannikin

Producer: Rescue Critters, LLC

Painstakingly constructed, Rufus Bandaging Mannikin is an all-rounded tool to the critical care student.

This full-sized model is ideal for practical lab skills and practicing advanced bandaging techniques. Apart from administering first aid, the mannikin can be used to practice mouth-to-snout resuscitation. The left knee, elbow, carpal and hock joints are capable of 90° movements. Shoulder and hip joints also have the flexibility of 90° rotation.

With the new features, users can now also practice the Velpeau Sling on the right forelimb and the Ehmer Sling on the right hind leg.

In short, these are just some of the bandaging techniques users can practice on Rufus:

  • 90-90- flexion sling
  • Carpal sling
  • Robert Jones bandage
  • Velpeau sling
  • Ehmer sling
  • Limb bandage using stirrups
  • Trunk bandage
  • Tail bandage
  • Padded hip bandage
  • Head and Ear bandage
  • Casts

Rufus comes with five disposable lungs, a brush, and carrying case with kneeling pad.


Medium: Mannikin

Price: US$1026.75 (Item #525)

Rufus Bandaging Mannikin Rufus Bandaging Mannikin