K9 BHS simulator manikin ‘Goldie’

Producer: Rescue Critters, LLC

The highlight of this breath/heart sound (BHS) simulator is to allow students to perform auscultation, offering them opportunities to hear the different sounds with a stethoscope.

Instructors can chose various sound scenarios for the classroom. This product uses plug-in modules, with data collated from actual patients. Five speakers are installed directly in our Goldie canine BHS mannikin. The BHS unit also has two lights that illuminate during expiration. It is powered by a 9V battery and comes with a limited warranty.

Each Goldie comes with a tutor MS, one Breath Sound module, one Heart Sound module, five installed custom speakers and a 9V battery.

Breath Sound module includes:
Tracheal, Vesicular, Bronchial-Vesicular, Wheezes, Monophonic Wheeze, Pleural Friction Rub, Stridor, Cavernous, Crackles, Pulmonary Edema and Puppy.

Heart Sound module includes:

Atrial Fib, Mitral Regurgitation, Mitral Valve Click, Normal Heartbeat, PDA, Pulmoic Stenosis, Respiratory Crackles and MR Murmurs, SAS, Mitral Regurgitation, VPC and VSD.

The BHS unit may also ordered with and installed into Jerry, Critical Care Jerry (CCJ) and Advanced Airway Jerry (AA). Please specify Breath Sound or Heart Sound module when ordering.

Pelican Carrying Case with Pluck Foam Insert for BHS Tutor MS Price:  $36.45 (Item# 802)



Medium: Mannekin

Price: US$1,889.00 (Item #350) 

K9 BHS simulator manikin ‘Goldie’