Laboratory Dissection Video Series

Producer: Educational Images, Ltd.

Excellent step by step close-up photography of 7 classic dissections, partly captioned, partly unlabelled for quiz and review. The programs contain 22-32 frames; each frame appears on-screen for 50-60 secs., but can be held longer. There is no audio. Titles include: Clam (catalogue ref. FV-1351V), Crayfish (FV-1353V), Earthworm (FV-1352V), Fetal Pig (FV-1357V), Fish (FV-1355V), Frog (FV-1356V), Grasshopper (FV-1354V).


Format: VHS NTSC
Running time: 30 mins. each
Price: US$29.95 (individual titles, with guide); US$149.95 (full set of 7 videos - catalogue ref. FV-1352X)