Living Cells - Structure and Diversity

Producer: Cytographics Pty., Ltd.


This video introduces students to a variety of cell types, the major sub-cellular components (organelles) and some important cellular activities such as mitosis and cell-division. Real time and time-lapse video microscopy are used to reveal mitochondria, Golgi bodies and microtubules in living cells. Subjects covered include: the cell membrane, nucleus and nucleolus, endoplasmic reticulum, microtubules and the microtubule cytoskeleton, mitosis and cytokinesis, the actin cytoskeleton, streaming, cleavage, flagella and cilia, contractile vacuoles, cell walls, turgor pressure and growth. Accompanied by Instructor’s Guide.


Year of production: 1996 Format: VHS NTSC, PAL Running time: 36 mins. Price: US$60.00