Passing A Nasogastric Tube In The Horse

Producer: BEVA (British Equine Vterinary Association)

The module is designed to improve horse welfare and proficiency in learning the technique of passing a nasogastric tube in the horse. It contains 50 pages of information and over 30 videos and images. Topics include an overview of the anatomy, indications, a detailed description of the technique, errors and their avoidance. Novel features include synchronized video of the internal and external passage of a nasogastric tube, a self test positioning animation quiz and an interactive equipment checklist. Other advantages of this self learning CD include completeness, obstructed access to the material and interactive self grading quizzes. The CD takes about an hour to complete.


Product Type: CD/DVD

Publisher: Vet Visions

Year Published: 17/02/2004

Price: £30.00

Passing A Nasogastric Tube In The Horse