Pet First Aid

Producer: Rescue Critters, LLC

Facing an accident or illness with your dog/cat can be a frightening experience – unless you know what to do. Pet emergency first aid: dogs or cats will give you the confidence you need to help your pet trough an emergency and save its life. Topics cover: scene safety, muzzling, rescue breathing, CPR, choking, shock, poisoning, snakebites, hypothermia, burns, fractures, car accidents, eye injuries, foot injuries, drowning, heat stroke, what`s normal for my dog and cat.


Format: DVD & VHS
Pet emergency first aid: cats (english); dogs (english); combo pack - dogs/cats (English)
Running time: cats - 40 mins (DVD), 34 mins (VHS); dogs - 50 mins (DVD), 41 mins (VHS)
Price: cats - US$29.95 DVD(Item#862A), VHS (Item#862B); dogs - US$29.95 DVD(Item#862C), VHS (Item#862D); combo pack -dogs/cats - US$49.95 DVD(Item#862E), VHS (Item#862F)