The Proboscis Reflex Behaviour of the Honeybee - The Conditioning of Odours and Their Treatment in the Brain

Producer: IWF Wissen und Medien gGmbH

** This item is archived as it is no longer available. It is detailed here for reference purposes only **

The film shows an experimental setup for differential conditioning of honeybees to odours. Classical conditioning of the honeybees is demonstrated; the proboscis reflex behaviour is shown in close-ups. A trick-film part demonstrates the neurobiological basis of the conditioning process. The odour receptors on the antennae of the bee are shown and the brainstructures are described. Learning and memory are compared for the experimental bees and for bees in the field under natural conditions.


Language: German, English Year of production: 1991 Format: CD-ROM, DVD Video, MPEG-1 download Running time: 9 mins. Price: €6.50 (CD-ROM), €13.90 (DVD Video), €5.20 (MPEG-1 download),