Producer: Schneider & Morse Group

ProDissector is a professionally prepared series of interactive, multimedia CD-ROMs that uses award winning technology to present digital dissection of commonly used laboratory animals in the instruction of biological sciences. At the time of printing, only one program is available (Frog), but the series will include Cat, Gorilla, Fish, Invertebrates, Foetal Pig and others. ProDissector uses digital images of actual animal anatomy which has been photo-retouched, sequentially layered and critically aligned to present accurate, detailed dissections of each animal. Each CD–ROM contains animal anatomy, organ systems and a self-test. In the Anatomy section, students use opacity buttons to transition from 2D opaque images into 3D transparent views of anatomical structures, which are highlighted, identified and defined. In the Systems section, students view a series of QuickTime movies that present physiological processes associated with major organ systems. Each movie is narrated and important terms are listed so students can obtain additional information.


Year of production: 2002 Medium: CD-ROM System requirements: Windows 95/98/NT with Pentium II processor or better; Macintosh OS 8.0 or later with PowerPC or better; QuickTime 4.0; 20MB RAM, 800 x 600 screen resolution (thousands of colours) Price: (For Frog): US$40.00 (single CD, home schooling); US$50.00 (single CD, educational price); US$400.00 (lab pack of 10); US$700.00 (lab pack of 20); US$900.00 (server licence). All prices excl. postage

Screenshot of ProDissector Frog