Prodissector Frog

Producer: Schneider & Morse Group

Perform vivid dissections—without the use of scalpels, scissors or preserved specimens! Frog ProDissector’s digital images of actual frog dissections have been critically aligned, sequentially layered and photo retouched to present detailed and accurate views of the anatomy and physiology. Students use opacity buttons to “dissect” the specimen, transitioning from two-dimensional opaque images to detailed, 3D transparent views of the frog’s anatomical structures. Each structure can be highlighted, identified and defined. They can then use the systems section of the program to access a series of videos that present the key physiological processes associated with each major organ system. Each video is fully narrated with key terms pronounced and defined. The program also contains an assessment section that evaluates student understanding of the concepts presented. Perfect for prelab prep, as a companion to dissection or even as an alternative.


Requirements: Grade Level: 7-10; NSES: A,C;

System Requirements: Windows 2000 or greater. Mac 9.2 or higher (Including OSX). 64MB RAM.

Price: call for price

Prodissector Frog