SimHeart II

Producer: BioMedizin & Technik GbR

SimHeart offers a virtual laboratory for recordings of heart contractions in the Langendorff set-up in response on the most relevant transmitters and drugs, including a chemistry lab for the adjustment of the appropriate solutions.

Featured experiments:

Effects of Adrenaline and Acetylcholine on frequency and amplitude of heart contractions(inotroph and chronotroph effects), effects of competitive receptor blockers Propranolol and Atropine, adrenaline dose-response curve and its shift by the ß-blocker Propranolol (competitive inhibition), comparison with non-competitive inhibition by the Ca-channel blocker Verapamil, strengthening of the contractions by the heart-glycoside g-Strophantin, 
induction and treatment of arrhythmias and heart blocks in systole and diastole.


Language: German, English

Year of production: 2014

Medium: CD-ROM System requirements: Windows 3.x or later; Macintosh OS 7 or later; 12 MB RAM; sound card; monitor with at least 256 colours (32k recommended) 

Price: to ask for prices, please, send a mail to Hans Braun (

SimHeart II