SimNerv II

Producer: BioMedizin & Technik GbR

SimNerv offers a fully equipped, realistically appearing laboratory on the computer screen to perform classical experiments of compound action potential recordings 
from isolated preparations of the frog’s sciatic nerve.

All stimulation and recording parameters of the virtual devices are freely adjustable.
Mathematical algorithms guarantee for the appropriated reactions of the virtual nerve,
also considering the biological diversity of the preparations.

There is direct access to the tutorial and protocol form from the virtual lab.
Recordings, including documentation can be stored.

Featured experiments:

  • Stimulus-response curve: recruitment of nerve fibres on increasing stimulus amplitudes
  • Strength-duration curve, rheobase, chronaxy: the impact of stimulus duration
  • Refractory period and anode break potentials: physiological and clinical relevance of Na-channel inactivation:
  • Conduction velocity and the effect of temperature changes
  • Recordings of bi- and monophasic action potentials using reversible nerve ligatures,
  • Demonstrating the clinically most relevant impact of appropriate electrode positions,
  • Understanding the difference between intra- and extracellular recordings.

Language: German, English

Year of production: 2014

Medium: CD-ROM

System requirements: Windows 3.x or later; Macintosh OS 7 or later; 12 MB RAM; sound card; monitor with at least 256 colours (32k recommended)

Price: to ask for prices, please, send a mail to Hans Braun (

SimNerv II