Producer: BioMedizin & Technik GbR

SimPatch is an interactive computer program simulating the electrophysiology of the ion channel and the ‘patch-clamp’ technique. It provides a complete virtual laboratory environment where the students can investigate voltage dependent ion channels (Na+, Ca++, K+, normal and Ca-dependent) in the membrane of  the retinal neurons. The program has 3 sections: Overview - 7 audiovisual sequences introducing the student to the experiments and equipment; Presentation - 8 audiovisual sequences presenting the experiments in detail step by step; Practical Course - the interactive part of the program, which allows the student to perform numerous experiments in the virtual laboratory, using a patch-clamp amplifier, a pulse generator and an oscilloscope. Ingenious mathematical algorithms simulate not only the cell responses, but also the passive stimulation artefacts, thus permitting practically any parameter constellation. In addition, SimPatch offers several interactive modules, allowing the user to: select the composition of the intra- and extracellular solutions from among a range of chemical and pharmacological substances, the experiment temperature, and the Nernst potential (Solutions module); select the retina cell type (photoreceptors, horizontal cells, bipolar cells, amacrine cells, ganglion cells) and retinal tissues from various mammals (Microscope module); define and save voltage-pulse protocol (Pulse module); present and save experimental results (Analysis module).

SimPatch II is under construction.



Language: German, English

Year of production: 1998

Medium: CD-ROM

System requirements: Windows 3.x or later; Macintosh OS 7 or later; 12 MB RAM; sound card; monitor with at least 256 colours (32k recommended)

Price: US$499.00 / €449.00 (English Version), €699.00 (German version) (both include user’s manual); US$1,899.00 / €1,685.00 (complete set of all 5 programs in the Virtual Physiology Series: SimNerv, SimMuscle, SimVessel, SimHeart, SimPatch - English version), €2,680.00 (complete Virtual Physiology Series - German version); special price for multiple copies and site licence on request. Note that prices for the German version include the German VAT, while those for the English version do not (if no VAT Registration Number is provided, 16% VAT should be added to them). Free demo versions available on CD-ROM Note: Readers of this book are entitled to a special reduction in price from Thieme; please cite from Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse when ordering