Skin/Suture Pattern Simulator

Producer: Surgical Simulators

A reusable simulator for the practice of instrument handling skills, suture patterns, and intradermal suturing techniques, which allows the student freedom to practice surgical skills at home or in class. The simulator imitates the suturing qualities of dermal tissue, and consists of a flat laminated urethane-polymer mould positioned over, but not attached to, a mid-density foam core for support. The simulator mould is secured to a stow-away base with rubber feet to prevent slippage. The base and incorporated case are made of high-impact plastic to resist physical and moisture damage to the urethane-polymer mould, and the size of the simulator is approximately that of a 3/4" professional video case, allowing easy storage and transport. ID label and model-specific instructions are included.


Medium: Simulator Price: US$32.50 Note: A range of accompanying video autotutorials is available from Educational Resources, The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine (http:/

Skin/Suture Pattern Simulator Skin/Suture Pattern Simulator