Standard MITS with Joystick Simscope™

Producer: Limbs & Things, Ltd.

The Standard (compact size) Multi-Disciplinary Laparoscopic Trainer comes with a Monitor and a Joystick Camera Scope control on the outside of the trainer. Ideal for a one-person work station. The Joystick provides camera manipulation which includes a full range of motion and ability to zoom in on the procedure activity.

  • Hand eye coordination
  • Use of laparoscopic instruments
  •  Techniques and skills depending on the laparoscopic product used inside the Trainer


  • No Assembly Required
  • 10" LCD Color Monitor
  •  Inside Camera Mount or with a Joystick Scope Control
  •  Large Side Openings
  •  Self-Contained & Portable
  •  Holds a 10mm Trocar (not included)
  •  A sturdy, comfortable handle is located on the back
  •  7 ports can be fitted with 5 or 10mm grommets
  • 240V Cord Available Option Available

Package Contents:

  • 1 10" LCD Color Monitor
  •  1 Trainer Box
  • 1 JoyStick Scope Control

Price: $2,000.00 (Part 3DTRLCD07)


Standard MITS with Joystick Simscope™