Ultrasound-Guided Simulators

Producer: Simulaids

Various Ultrasound-Guided Simulators, including:

TruNerve Block | Ultrasound-guided Nerve Blocks

This 3-in-1 ultrasound model provides hands-on training in:

  • Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks with the ability to verify needle tip location
  • Ultrasound IV insertion with embedded vessels & realistic blood flashback
  • Ultrasound bone imaging featuring a fractured bone structure

Effective training in ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia
Trainee anaesthetists develop, practice and maintain the skills necessary to use ultrasound for guiding regional anaesthesia and vascular access procedures. Simulated anaesthetic fluid can be injected around the nerve.

Realistic. Durable. Easy to set up.
TruNerve Block is ideal for emergency medicine, radiology, surgical training programs, ultrasound training programs, simulation centres, surgical skills centres, medical education facilities, and ultrasound manufacturers for ultrasound education and demonstrations.

Ultrasound Model Features

  • Contains epidermal layer, two simulated vessels (4mm), a nerve bundle (with surrounding artery and vein), a fractured bone & fascia layers
  • Nerve bundle allows fluid entry & withdrawal for anaesthesia fluid administration
  • Positive fluid flow when vessels are accurately accessed
  • Constant blood flow for realistic flashback
  • Colour Doppler flow imaging
  • 1000+ needle incisions with self-healing/regeneration of the TruUltra material
  • Needle tracks disappear with very minimal damage to the material
  • Longitudinal and transverse anatomical viewing options
  • Realistic needle tip identification and artefact
  • Use with any ultrasound imaging system with an appropriate transducer probe (recommend high-frequency linear array transducer 5-12 MHz)
  • Weight: 1.8Kg (4 lb) [Ultrasound insert = 800g (1.8lb) and product plinth = 1Kg (2.2lb)]
  • Dims: 350mm x 150mm X 110mm (Ultrasound insert -160mm x 140mm x 40mm)

Medical Procedure Training

  • Ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia
  • Ultrasound-guided vascular access
  • IV cannulation (venipuncture and vein cannulation)
  • Injection of simulated anaesthetics with visual air & fluid retention possible
  • Injection of fluid around the nerve
  • Identification of arterial and venous blood flow
  • Fractured bone identification
  • Ultrasound education & machine demonstrations (ideal for ultrasound manufacturers)

Price: £1,149.00 + VAT

TruPICC Ultrasound-guided PICC Line & IV Placement Training

TruPICC is an adult male training arm designed for effective training in peripherally inserted central catheters and IV insertion.

This IV and PICC training model develops the user’s skills associated with needle placement, guidewires and catheters using ultrasound. It’s also ideal for ultrasound manufacturers for education & demonstrations.

The upper arm anatomy features correct and realistic vascular anatomy, lifelike feel and responsiveness, and the unique self-healing TruUltra material for repeated practise.

The unique TruUltra material is extremely durable and long-lasting. Left overnight it will regenerate and be ready for training sessions again the next day.

Price: £1,650.00 + VAT

BlockSim™ Ultrasound-guided Fascia Block Simulator

The simulator includes very realistic ultra-durable inserts. Traditional anatomical landmarks, a lightweight, compact and easy to store box equipped with high fidelity sensors for the virtual ultrasound monitor.

BlockSim™ is able to provide the opportunity to acquire and practice technical skills in a safe, controlled, and reproducible environment without the risk of harm to the patient and with the capability to be repeatedly used. BlockSim™ is the ideal “virtual phantom” for this kind of procedures since is readily available, has got inexpensive inserts/pads and it can provide tactile feedback. BlockSim™ is also able to hold a needle in place and to not generate needle tracks as well as not be a health hazard. BlockSim™ enables hands-on procedural training and permits, thanks to its realistic insert, coherent simulation of the resistance to penetration of the different tissues traversed by the needle during fascia block procedures.

Price: £22,000.00 + VAT

TruNerve Block | Ultrasound-guided Nerve Blocks TruPICC Ultrasound-guided PICC Line & IV Placement Training BlockSim™ Ultrasound-guided Fascia Block Simulator